Data Queries

Stakeholder Data Investigation Procedure

 This is PAMCo’s procedure for dealing with stakeholder data queries relating to AMP data and also across 2017 when we will be releasing blended NRS/AMP data. Please read below for more detail.

PAMCo have agreed this procedure with your representatives on the PAMCo Board and Technical Committee in order to

  • ensure that publisher queries are dealt with in a fair, transparent and timely fashion
  • protect the integrity of the AMP (NRS) currency
  • bring a final resolution to customer queries within a reasonable timescale

A Four Step Approach Procedure

Step One

On receiving a customer query PAMCo will ask Ipsos to carry out a health check. This will be completed by 3 working days and the following areas will be investigated:

  • Routing of readership questions on AMP script
  • Recoding of readership questions data
  • Visual prompts used on AMP script
  • Weighting, modelling and adjustments procedures

Providing that the health check shows that everything is in order in terms of the survey mechanics, PAMCo with Ipsos’ support will analyse the readership data, investigating the following aspects:

  • Sample size and composition
  • Readership trends over relevant periods
  • Changes to distribution model or circulation that could affect readership estimates
  • Comparison with other brands in the competitor set
  • Changes to the survey methodology that could affect readership estimates

PAMCo will aim to respond to the customer query within 10 working days.

Step Two

If the publisher is not satisfied by this and highlights further queries, PAMCo will table the publisher query for discussion at the Technical Group. PAMCo will ensure that all relevant analysis from either the publisher, agency or Ipsos (including our own interpretation/commentary on any data), will be shared in advance of the relevant meeting.

If there is disagreement amongst the Technical Group, a majority decision will apply. A majority will be two out of three stakeholders.

Step Three

PAMCo will write to the Publisher in question with a response agreed by the Technical Committee. This explanation will constitute the final decision of the Technical Group, and the matter will be considered closed.

Step Four

In any case where a stakeholder does not accept the explanation given at Step 3 representatives of the Technical Group (usually at least one member of NMA, PPA and IPA plus PAMCo, and at least two stakeholders), will meet with the publisher to explain the technical decision face to face.

The same query will not be reviewed more than once in any twelve month period, from the date of the first query. The Technical Group shall decide what constitutes an individual query.

To ensure that PAMCo and the Technical Group are only asked to investigate substantive queries, an admin fee of £1,000 will apply for any query which requires work beyond Step One. This fee is refundable if the Technical Group finds in favour of the query.