Use of NRS Data

We encourage the use of our figures for marketing purposes but all NRS data must be correctly sourced and referenced, for example:

  • NRS Print: “NRS January – December 2014”
  • NRS PADD (including Mobile): “NRS PADD January – December 2014 / comScore November 2014”

If NRS figures are included in marketing campaigns they should not be used in a misleading manner, for example when the difference in readership estimates between a publisher’s brand and its nearest competitor are within the statistical difference of the research i.e. just too close for us to call.

If NRS figures are deemed to have been used in a misleading manner by a stakeholder, we will contact them to advise on the correct use of the data. We cannot adjudicate in any complaints once we have verified how data has been used but we will direct complainants to their respective industry body or to the Advertising Standards Authority.