New Mobile Methodology

In January 2015 comScore launched Mobile Metrix, replacing GSMA Mobile Media Metrics. Estimates of mobile and tablet visitors are now based on a hybrid model unifying census data with panels of mobile and tablet users, whereas previously they were derived primarily from mobile operator traffic data obtained from GSMA (the global association of mobile operators).

The latest NRS PADD release (April 2014 – March 2015/comScore March 2015) is the first to incorporate Mobile Metrix data. NRS PADD is designed to reflect publisher’s digital audiences as reported by comScore.

The comScore method of measuring mobile has changed significantly. Some of the reasons that users will see differences in the estimates include:

  • There is now uniform measurement of digital activity on both networks and Wi-Fi (previously Wi-Fi was modelled)
  • Apps are better reported, previously not all apps could be identified via operator data
  • Secure traffic (https) is included in addition to standard traffic, whereas previously it was not reported
  • iPad data are based on comScore’s UDM methodology (i.e. panel and census) whereas previously only census logs were used
  • All on-network traffic is measured, whereas previously logs were restricted to GSMA operators co-operating in the measurement system
  • The new panels are specifically based on users of Android phones, iPhones and iPads. Android tablet usage is measured via census measurement at this time – including browsing and app usage
  • Demographic information now comes directly from the panel

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