Access to Data

The Top Line Data for both NRS Print and NRS PADD posted on this website are available without subscription. To access historical datasets, you will need to access the full NRS print and NRS PADD databases via one of the computer bureaux licensed by PAMC0 to provide a data analysis service. These services allow subscribers to conduct their own analyses of the NRS database, including coverage and frequency analyses of actual or potential schedules. They also provide subscribers with access to archived data for both NRS Print and NRS PADD. These full-service bureaux are:

IMS UK Ltd Kantar Media UK Ltd Telmar Communications Ltd
5th Floor, Endeavour House
189 Shaftesbury Avenue
WC2H 8TJT. 020 7420 9200
Ealing Gateway
26-30 Uxbridge Road
W5 2BP
T. 020 8433 4000
1st Floor
43-45 Dorset St.
T. 020 7467 2599

Also available:
Mediatel, Burleigh House, 357 Strand, London, WC2R 0HS T. 020 7420 3252

These bureaux provide subscribers with comprehensive training on how to use their systems to access NRS Print and NRS PADD data’

To access the full NRS PADD database via the data bureaux, subscriptions to both NRS data and comScore PC & Mobile are required.