Sequence of Questions


Publications are shown in groups of six. Participants are asked to select which screens show any publications that they have read in the past 12 months.


Typescript prompts are used to make the screens easy for the participants to scan, and to ensure that no particular publication appears dominant.

There is a check as to whether any screens have been excluded in error.

Participants are then asked about each publication on the screens they have selected. At this stage they are asked whether they have read the publication in the past 12 months.

For both the screen check and the Read Past Year (RPY) question, NRS uses a prompt showing the mastheads of the titles.


Once we know all the publications which qualify as Read Past Year (RPY), the participant is asked when they last read each publication and how often they read it.


There are also special prompts which are used to help participants identify which newspaper supplements they have read.