Which brands have Mobile & Tablet estimates available?
Of the 37 publisher brands included within the multi-platform questions in the survey, only those included for at least 12 months and with an NRS claimed sample of 100+ for Mobile & Tablet have data available.
How can Mobile & Tablet data be accessed?
InĀ order to access the full NRS PADD: Mobile & Tablet dataset you will need to be a subscriber to comScore’s MMX Mobile database. This is separate to the MMX PC database that allows you access to the current NRS PADD which includes PC data only.
How is NRS recall data adjusted to match comScore multi-platform data?
RSMB calibrate NRS claims for Mobile & Tablet to match monthly reach estimates from comScore. This involves adjusting the claims of NRS participants in a systematic way until the claims match comScore.

The procedure also ensures that duplication between PC and Mobile estimates matches comScore and that theĀ profile of Mobile & Tablet visitors is similar to that of comScore by age and gender.