London and South East Sample

NRS recognises that the London and South East area is particularly important to many advertisers and publishers.

London and the South East is the most difficult area to interview in – not so much because participants are unwilling to be interviewed, but because they are less often at home.

Apart from the usual measures of making multiple call-backs, and focusing on evenings and weekends, NRS uses an additional special measure to increase the response rate in London:

•Since September 2006 London participants are offered an incentive of £20 in store vouchers for a completed interview. This led to an increase of 10% points in the London response rate, which is now at 40%.

The increase in the response rate in London has also led to an increase in the sample size. Between 2005 and 2012 the total London sample size increased by 45%; the sample size of those of social grade AB increased by 46%, and of those aged 15-24 by 69%.

South East participants have been offered an incentive since 2012 and initial reports have shown an increase of 9% points in the response rate.