Update Procedure

Please find below confirmation of the dates for finalising the media list and questionnaire for each fieldwork month for NRS 2013. In order to meet its deadlines, Ipsos MORI requires the following materials by the specified dates, otherwise the change will not be implemented until the next fieldwork month:

  • A hard copy of the publication to be posted to the address at the bottom of this document (see note below regarding newspaper supplements*)
  • The electronic masthead (black & white not colour, in either .jpg or .bmp PC compatible format)


*For changes for newspaper supplements, please ensure that all the sections of the newspaper are posted to Ipsos MORI so that we can ensure that we represent the full newspaper package correctly on the visual prompts.


It should be noted that no charge is made by Ipsos MORI for media list changes for the start of the quarter (January, April, July and October). Changes for all other months are subject to the following charges:


Newspapers or magazines – new titles, masthead or title changes £400 per publication
Newspaper supplements £300 per parent newspaper


NRS Fieldwork Month Deadline for receipt of changes
January 2014 Tuesday 26 November 2013
February 2014 Thursday 19 December 2013
March 2014 Friday 24 January 2014
April 2014 Tuesday 25 February 2014
May 2014 Tuesday 25 March 2014
June 2014 Thursday 24 April 2014
July 2014 Thursday 29 May 2014
August 2014 Friday 27 June 2014
September 2014 Friday 25 July 2014
October 2014 Thursday 28 August 2014
November 2014 Friday 26 September 2014
December 2014 Tuesday 28 October 2014


Please contact the NRS Executive Team at Ipsos MORI with any media list changes via e-mail:ukexecteamnrs@ipsos.com or by telephone: 020 8515 3476.

Address to send hard copies to:

Ipsos MORI, Kings House, Kymberley Road, Harrow, HA1 1PT