Release Dates

NRS releases updated readership and PADD estimates four times a year.


Each release covers Average Issue Readership (AIR) estimates for all publications on the survey, covering the latest 6, 12 or 24 month periods, depending on the size of the readership achieved by each publication. NRS PADD is released simultaneously.


Top-line estimates are available on the Latest Results of this website, and summary data and tables are available on the Subscriber Section. The full NRS database is issued by the licensed Computer Bureaux.


Scheduled release dates are:

For Periods Ending Release date
December 2013 (Quarter 4)March 2014 (Quarter 1)
June 2014 (Quarter 2)
September 2014 (Quarter 3)
Monday 24th February 2014 (embargoed until 26th February)Tuesday 27th May 2014 (embargoed until 29th May)
Tuesday 26th August 2014 (embargoed until 28th August)Monday 24th November 2014 (embargoed until 26th November)