Special Reading Question

NRS has developed a Special Reading Question for ASOS magazine and like titles that are print products of established digital brands. This has enabled us to meet the needs of an emerging publishing market that is difficult to accommodate using the standard NRS screen prompts, because there is a greater risk than for other titles on the Survey of confusion amongst participants between the print title and the website.


The Special Reading Question was added to the Survey in April 2011. The aim of this question was to produce a more reliable estimate of the print title by filtering out participants who had only visited the website.


The data from this special question was reviewed, and ASOS magazine has surpassed the minimum number of unweighted participants for it to be eligible for publication by NRS. It was agreed that the estimate for ASOS magazine should be released with effect from data periods ending September 2011. The estimate for ASOS magazine is published separately from other titles, under the Special Reading Question heading, to draw attention to the fact that there are differences in the way in which its estimate is derived.