Adding Your Print Publication

Print publications carrying display advertising are welcome to apply to have their title measured by PAMCo. Publishers who are members of either the NMA or the PPA and who wish to have their publication/s covered by the survey should in the first instance approach the relevant association.

Publications which are not normally covered include:

  • Regional titles (other than the Scottish newsbrands)
  • Titles carrying only classified advertising, or not carrying advertising at all
  • Trade, business or professional titles, or special-interest titles whose readers are unlikely to be properly represented in the sample
  • Titles aimed primarily at children (aged 14 or less)
  • Titles appearing less often than quarterly, or titles which appear irregularly

There is no minimum circulation requirement, but a publication must achieve a minimum sample before any data can be released. See Data Release Rules.

The survey’s list of titles (Titles Covered) is reviewed each quarter by the PAMCo Technical Committee, with additions and deletions normally made in January, April, July and October. Changes can be made in other months for an additional charge of £400 per publication. Two months’ notice is normally required for any change.